User Guide

At the program is moving "fast", this may become out of date. Let's hope it doesn't.

A short walk through

Main Screen

  • Diagnostics Test Modes (for the moment, the only application)
    • 00 - show¬†SymBtElm¬†data
      • Some values that can be intresting in connection with debugging.

Show Current Data

  • 01 - show current data
    • This collects data from the vehicle (there is a Refresh as a menu item)

This shows supported values taken from the car, mostly for the home mechanic.

Show Diagnostic Trouble Codes

  • 03 - show Diagnostic Trouble Codes
    • The reason for the program
    • If you get a "DTC", then you can phone a friend/mechanic to see if you can keep driving ...

Clear DTC and stored values

  • 04 - clear DTC and stored values
    • Please only use this if you know what you are doing and NEVER on a car that is under guarantee!

Request vehicle information

  • 09 - request vehicle information
    • again, some data from the vehicle...

Main Screen Menu

  • Debug

  • Terminal
    • Use for basic testing of device (menu has send cmd, send cmd seq and monitor all with headers: play and see)
  • Toggle Local Loopback
    • For developement, echos the data that would be sent (or return example data) so that GUI can be tested (used for the screendumps)


It is best to have an ELM above ver 1.2.