SymBtELM allows one to use a Nokia Symbian Series 60 mobile telephone to communicate with the computer in your car.

If you didn't know your car may have a computer that one can communicate with, you may want to see these videos as an introduction.
Another introduction, What is OBD-II and why could I need it , is also worth reading

My reason for creating this application is that if one is travelling on holiday, and the red engine warning light goes on, one can use a mobile phone installed with SymBtELM to see what is wrong. SymBtELM can present what the codes mean. One can either understand what the warning is, for example, that the catalyst is not working properly or, ring to a garage and tell them what the codes are and receive advice as to if it is OK to continue on ones journey.

When I started the project, I could not find anything on the Internet for Symbian, this has changed as OBDScope is also available at a very reasonable price. As OBDScope is still available at a very reasonable price, SymBtELM is "on hold" as long as OBDScope fills the position of the best application for a normal person with a Symbian mobile.

SymBtELM is Open-Source and free to use or alter and is availabe via SVN: see Programmers Guide

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